5 Nighttime Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When it comes to getting or maintaining a clear complexion, there's a lot focus on proper cleansing and/or the products which will help you achieve that. But in addition to what you do when you're awake, your nighttime routine also impacts your skin's health, and there are a number of things you're doing that are possibly ruining your skin.

You don't remove your makeup correctly
Please don't think I'm trying to shame you but you've heard it time and again: Remove your makeup before going to bed. I know that not everyone does, especially when you've gotten home later than usual (or had a few glasses of wine). But, there's no point in doing it if you're not going to do it properly. If your bathroom cabinet is already filled to the brim with makeup remover — here's a simple way to cut all that down to a single all-over remover: Use a facial oil. If that's too involved for your liking get an oil-based cleansing washes or use micellar water. In my experience, cleansing wipes aren’t the best choice because they just smear dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup across your face. Imagine someone egging your car and you try to remove it by using windshield wipers. You're applying cleanser to your face, then not washing it off.

You're drinking alcohol an hour before bedtime
Though I would prefer you stop drinking entirely, I would suggest that you limit your intake and stop an hour before you plan on jumping in the sack. An hour after your last drink is when your body kicks into full detox mode to clear the alcohol from your bloodstream and prevent alcohol poisoning. Your liver is working overtime and your pancreas starts producing more insulin than usual, which causes carb cravings - hence the intense munchies. Stop while you're still ahead and go to bed.

You're not drinking enough water
So you've been good and drank water all day so you don't need to drink any before bed, right? Nope. Not only will it increase brain function, that water will be crucial in helping your skin repair itself from the manual and environmental damage it has sustained throughout the day. Keep a bottle by your bedside so you don't forget.

That phone of yours is teeming with bacteria and keeping you awake
Cleaning your phone is a fast and easy way to help your skin. How? Well, first of all, a clean phone means you won't be transferring bacteria from it, to your face. You've been touching and prodding that thing all day and it's anyone's guess what's ended up festering on your screen. Even if you're fastidious about hand washing, your hands could be dirtier than they look. If you don't have rubbing alcohol, use a cotton pad with your toner to remove any oils and dirt that may be lurking on the screen. You need to disengage from the phone too. The blue light your phone is emitting will suppress melatonin, causing you to stay wide awake. Not enough sleep makes you look haggard and worn because your body didn't get enough time to repair itself.

You're not washing your bedding often enough
Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. Pillowcases, sheets, and duvets can house dirt and oil, so you need to make sure you wash your bedding thoroughly at least once a week to avoid breakouts. A shower before getting into a bed with fresh linen is probably one of the most enjoyable things to do without spending money or taking your clothes off.

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