10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hi everyone. I've been quiet, I apologise. Here's a quick post for those of you who keep experiencing breakage whether it's on natural or chemically-treated hair.

1. Hydration Issues

If you don't drink good old water but instead rely on juices and fizzy drinks for hydration... you're doing it all wrong. Dry, brittle hair can be a symptom of not getting enough water.

2. Heat  

Heat damage from over-employing your straightener, hair dryer, and other tools can leave you with dry, frayed hair. Heat isn't all bad though. It's over and incorrect use is the issue. Use it sparingly and you'll be okay.


  • the coolest setting on your heat tools
  • heat protectant if the tool must be hot
  • 1 or more of the 4 B's of stretching (Braiding, banding, bunning, bobby-pinning) or using the so-called African threading method 

3. A Poor diet

One of the quickest way to gauge someone's general health is to look at their skin and hair. When I say diet I don't mean a quick fix of juicing to make up for a fried food habit. Rather think of it as a lifestyle change Vitamin deficiencies are a major cause for hair loss and breakage. More fruit and veggies as close to their natural state as possible. Less refined sugars and processed foods. Your hair will thank you for it.

4. Not Getting Regular Trims

Firstly, you wouldn't need regular trims if you took better care of your hair especially the ends. However if you notice uneven, tired and split ends - just get it over and done with. I know it's hard but it will serve you better in the long run by not encouraging even more breakage. I go for trims twice a year but depending on the state of your hair you may need more or less. If your hair is especially damaged; it may seem at first like a lot of hair, but as you increase your trims, and follow the tips above, you will grow stronger, healthier hair.

5. You Don't Deep Condition

Black hair doesn't retain moisture as well as other textures. Help your hair along by feeding it with regular deep conditioning treatments. Try a store bought hair mayonnaise or make your own. There are tons of kitchen remedies and treatments out there or boost your store bought one by adding oils to it. Make sure you read the label properly (some deep conditioners are most effective with heat) and follow the time suggestions. 

6. H.I.S

Hand-in-hair syndrome is a silent tress killer. Stunting with your hair out is cute n'all until your likely dirty fingers lead to friction and breakage. Coupled with transferring all manner of germs from your hands to your hair and then your face - not worth it. Keep your hands out of your hair unless they're washed and oiled up.

7. Over-enthusiastic Brushing/Combing & Detangling.

I don't comb my hair. At all. I only slick down my hairline with a soft bristled toothbrush. Strictly finger-detangling and styling works best for my hair. If you brush or comb your hair that's fine but remember... cashmere sweater. Be gentle. If you notice excessive hair fall or it's a painful chore - STOP. Use a soft-bristled brush and make sure you use a wide-toothed comb. Make sure hairstylists that try coming anywhere near you with a rat-tailed comb get an earful. Gently and slowly does it. 

When detangling hair the same applies. Do it slowly, never rush through a knot. Take your time and use your fingers to unknot it. Spritz a liquid onto it (I love aloe vera juice mixed with conditioner) for ease.

8. Drying With Towels 

Cotton fibres can snag in your ends and cause the hair to snap. Please dry your hair with an old tee. I turn them inside out and gently pat/dry excess water off. Then I let it air dry if I have time.

9. The Rough/Incorrect Application & Removal of Extensions.

If you have extensions, make sure the person installing them is gentle, takes their time and isn’t too aggressive with your hair! Get a deep conditioning treatment before getting a long term protective style. Just because your hair is braided up or under a wig/weave doesn't mean you should neglect it. Keep getting it deep treatments. Wash it at least every 2 weeks and don't keep it in for more than 10 weeks. Look out for a takedown post soon. 

10. Trend Loving

One week you're dyeing, bleaching and relaxing/heat straightening. The next you've seen another cute style and drowning your hair in too many alcohol based products in conjunction with not conditioning. We all want to look good but please know and embrace your hair's limits. Give it a break. If you've just taken your braids down - give your scalp at least 2 weeks to recover.

If you colour it often go 2 shades up or down your colour spectrum and if you must bleach it; please get treatments or you're in for tears. Dyeing your hair makes the strands weaker, it will break if it is not properly moisturised.

Long term protective styling helps you not mess with it too much, but don't take it out after a few weeks and expect to have a decent hairline. Don't stress your hair and it'll grow healthier and stronger.

If I remember any more causes I'll update the post. Let me know if you have other causes you can think of. 

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