DIY Rosewater Toner Recipe

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hi everyone, this post originally appeared on The lovely editor Bakang has been gracious enough to host us. Please visit their site for more beauty tips and tricks. This is a rosewater toner recipe that is pretty versatile and easy on your pocket. 


Rosewater is an important ingredient in many skin care preparations. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it soothing for dry skin and a great pore cleanser for oily and combination skin. In Morocco, it’s frequently mixed with argan oil as a natural makeup remover or in making desserts.

Food and cosmetic grade rosewater can be found at Indian and Middle Eastern stores and some health stores. When you buy your rosewater, carefully read the label. Not all fragrant waters are made equal, and while some brands sell the real by-product of rose oil production, others offer reconstitutions of varying quality.It's many uses include use as a hair rinse and to flavour teas.
I recently started making my own toner mixes using various plants. Rosewater is by far my favourite. As with any new skin care treatment; please do an allergy patch test before you start using it on regular basis. Rosewater is a natural clarifier, tightens pores and reduces redness caused by blemishes. You can also splash a little on your clothes for a non-staining light rose scent.
Moisten a cotton ball with the rosewater and swipe over clean facial skin before moisturising. For a little more luxury, add the rosewater to a hot bath. Or use as a laundry spritzer before you iron your bedding. Bliss

2 cups of freshly picked rose petals (whatever colour or type of rose you prefer)
1 cup of distilled water (found at Clicks or any decent pharmacy)
1/4 cup of witch hazel (optional)
1. Place petals in a pot and cover in distilled water.
2. Bring to a boil.
3. Remove pot from stove and cover.
4. Allow to cool for about an hour.
5. Strain rosewater into a sterile container or spray bottle.
Add the witch-hazel if you have oily or combination oily skin for an added boost. This toner will keep for 5 days at room temperature, or a fortnight in the fridge.

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