11 Hair Saving Tips You Should Know

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

11 beauty fixes

These hair tips were featured on hookahsxhoes.com. Though they are predominantly for women with natural (non-chemically treated) but they can also be used by women with relaxed hair.
In any case, enjoy!
1. Ease up on the heat
Heat helps create awesome styles, however it has many pitfalls. Besides making hair more susceptible to breakage due to moisture loss, it also causes hair to thin out. Opt to use air-drying like a wrap-set or air dry using flexirods or rollers.
Azealia Banks by Michael Flores

2. Treat your hairline with care
Abrasive combing, styles that pull your hair back and cause little pimples to form at your nape and temples are hairline poison. Make sure you moisturise your hairline often using castor oil and gently brush it back using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don't forget to wrap your hair with a silk scarf or a cover with a satin bonnet.
3. Don't be a product junkie
I love potions and shiny new packaging, however these not only hurts one’s pocket but they can also jeopardise your hair journey. Some products are just not for your hair, no matter how well it worked for your buddies or your mom. Listen to your hair. Coconut oil has been touted as a hair fix-all but it doesn't do anything for me but attract bees and cause dandruff. Do your research, ask yourself how badly you need something and do be careful not to be sold snake oil.
4. Read the label carefully.
If it says leave-in overnight - leave it in overnight. Black women are more resourceful than McGyver but seriously; follow the instructions to the letter. I used to deep condition overnight and ended up with wet spaghetti for hair and a new found appreciation for beanies. Take the time to understand the instructions or risk bald patches and a trip to a trichologist.
Image courtesy of Mzansi2008
5. A healthy scalp means better hair growth
There is a common misconception amongst many of us that hair food causes hair to grow faster. This is false. Hair food actually works on your scalp and the root of your hair. Much like soil fertiliser, it creates a healthier condition on your scalp in order for your hair to grow better. This can be a natural hair oil preparation or a hair food of your choice.
6. Apply natural oils
Black hair whether it is natural or relaxed is very dry and this dryness can cause the hair to break. Applying a natural oil to “seal” in moisture is an effective way to stop dryness and therefore retain length. I prefer to know exactly what I'm applying to my hair and scalp and so I opt to use oils. The ingredients in some prepared oils and butters can cause more dryness. Make sure you know what you're using and the effect it has on your hair. A little research can save you an unplanned trip to the barber.
7. Set realistic hair goals
With anything worth your time and effort - please plan and set your hair goals realistically. There's no way on earth I can wake up with the fullness of a weave after eating badly, not exercising, using heat and not moisturising. But please understand that even while you do everything right, hair grows at its own pace. This includes your curl or kink pattern. The sooner you get that, the easier your growth journey will become.
Image via BeautyCare365
8. Keep Your Scalp Clean
A dirty scalp means clogged pores and follicles which will stunt the growth of your hair.
9. Add water to your hair regimen
Oils and butters are not moisturisers. A water-based solution or plain old water is what will moisturise your tresses. Oils and butters LOCK in that moisture. If you notice that your hair is constantly dry and breaking, add a spritz of water and note the difference.
10. Unravel with Care
When unravelling styles or taking out braids, apply a little oil or butter to your fingers to minimise friction which causes hair to break. A lot of length is lost due to improper braid takedowns.
Good luck.

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