What Are Your Breakouts Trying To Tell You

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What are your breakouts trying to tell you?

Hey everyone... 

This is a brief intro into face-mapping.

Face mapping is an ancient Chinese medicinal art combined with contemporary dermatology; that maps out different regions of the face.

The idea is that there's a correlation between your internal organs & zones of your face. With facial mapping you can identify a possible underlying issue. 

Dermalogica has a system akin to this. They section your face and neck into 14 zones to figure out where your skin issues are concentrated and how best to tackle them. See above:

According to face-mapping your internal organs communicate various issues to you if you know what to look for.

I personally don't use this as a bible but rather a guide on what I need to tweak in my lifestyle. No quackery here folks.

Breakouts on your forehead could mean sleep deprivation or stress that isn't being managed properly. You know the drill. Sweat for at least 30 minutes everyday. Pick your weapon. Yoga. Pilates. Jumping jacks. Whatever. Endorphins are your buddy. Try to make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep nightly. Your body and mind heal much faster when you get enough rest.

Zits on your cheeks may mean you've spent some time in polluted air or you've been smoking heavily. Cut down on the cigarettes or stop completely. And make sure your air conditioning unit is cleaned often.

A between-the-brows breakout may be the sign of excess. Slow down your consumption of dairy, sugar, salt, alcohol and meat. Or cut them out completely for your general wellbeing.

Cystic acne in the chin area (those sore bumps that seldom break the surface of your skin) tends to be a product of our menstrual cycles & imbalances in sex &/or thyroid hormones. Get your hormone levels checked out by a doctor or herbalist. Imbalances are more common than you think.

Bumps on your nose area supposedly correspond to your heart. Get your blood pressure and vitamin B levels checked. Cut down on meat and avoid really spicy food. Check with a medical practitioner on how you can lower your cholesterol. Get as much as Omegas 3 and 6 (found in avocados and oily fish)as you can.

Here's a little table to guide you on what ails you: 

Facial Region
Possible Solution
  • Go to bed early (10pm) and wake up early (6am). Even if you can't fall asleep, relaxation is important. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins
  • Drink less carbonated beverages or stop completely. 
  • 20-30 minutes of light exercise every day, especially outdoors
  • Practice relaxation techniques. Meditation helps
  • Get a regular sleep schedule
  • Reduce refined sugar in your diet
  • Keep a daily food diary to see if your acne is related to certain food groups (like dairy or gluten)
  • Practice better hygiene (keep your fringe out of your face clean your hats and hairbands)
  • Check if shampoos, conditioners, and hair products are irritating skin
  • Eat less processed food, junk food, and fast food
  • Reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet (healthy fats from avocado, fish and nuts are okay)
  • Practice better hygiene, especially during the summer and if you wear makeup and/or sweat a lot. You don’t need a cement-mixer’s worth of makeup
Between the Brows
  • Get more sleep
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Eat lighter foods and foods that are less "rich" (butter, cream, cheese)
  • Avoid late night snacking
  • Eat less pungent foods (spices, garlic, kippers)
  • Eat less red meat
  • Eat less salt
  • Get more fresh air
  • Exercise everyday. A walk. A jog. Housework. Something.
  • Massage the area around your nose for better circulation with clean dry hands.
  • Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin B
Left Cheek
  • Don't overeat, especially junk
  • Try to decompress. Have an hour that’s only for you. Daily
  • Don’t overtax your liver. Warm water and a spritz of lemon first thing in the morning will do it a world of good.
  • Check laundry detergent for any irritating ingredients. Substitute with vinegar or switch to baby detergent.
  • Change pillow cases frequently if you sleep on this side of your face
  • Clean cell phones with rubbing alcohol
  • Lower left cheek acne could represent poor dental health, so keep your gums and teeth healthy by flossing and brushing regularly
Right Cheek
  • Avoid fast food and junk food
  • Eat less sugar
  • Get more fresh air. Invest in a humidifier
  • Air out your living area.
  • Check laundry detergent for any irritating ingredients
  • Change pillow cases frequently. Silk or satin is less harsh to your facial skin.
  • Clean cell phones and earphones with rubbing alcohol
Lip Area
  • Eat more fibre
  • Include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Eat less spicy and fried foods
  • Massage abdominal area in a clockwise motion
  • Change your toothpaste and/or lip blam
Chin and Jaw
  • Don’t snack or have a heavy meal right before bed
  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Get more rest
  • Get your hormones checked for imbalances
  • Get 30 minutes of exercise each day
  • Manage your stress as much as possible (yoga, meditating, listening to music, writing in a journal, etc.)
  • Massage your body for relaxation, particularly the abdomen
  • Drink spearmint tea
  • Take omega-3s to help regulate hormones or get in the habit of eating food that’s as close to its natural state as possible
Eye Area
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I can’t stress this enough. Dark circles and white-heads around your eyes are an indication of dehydration

Please note: The acne causes listed for each facial region are guidelines. They may not apply to everyone. Just because you have a warzone on your forehead, doesn't automatically mean there's something wrong with your liver. You aren't dying either. I've already lied about this being brief. 

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